Bugatti Veyron replica kit


Bugatti Veyron has to to be one of those cars that everyone has mixed feelings about. With a eye watering price tag of around the $1.5 Million this car is certainly for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

As exotic as the car looks on the outside the power plant that pushes this beast at a top speed of 252-mph is just as impressive.

When you look under the hood it has a quad-turbo, 8.0-liter W16 engine the power is sent to all four wheels through an F1-style, seven-speed automated manual gearbox.

The Bugatti is super quick and responsive to drive, reports indicating a 0-60-mph time of approximately 2.5 seconds and a quarter-mile time in the low 10-second range.

This beast would make a fantastic project to replicate and create a more affordable kitcar. Before you get all exited and want to go out and purchase a kit be warned there isĀ  a lot of scams going around now. Since this car is so exotic there are companies claiming to sell you body kits and ready built cars, very few actually deliver.

Why not scratch build a Bugatti Veyron yourself? If you do all your research first making sure you can get the hardware like lights and all the glass then you can build the body yourself. The car has lots of nice curves and smooth transitions you will gain lots of experience in during this project.

I always suggest building a kitcar around donor cars that are easy to find and can be modified easily. However the most important rule is always speak with your local road and transport authorities and explain to them what you’re proposing to do. Make sure you make your inquiries formal by sending a letter followed up by an e-mail, this way everything is documented.

In most countries it is much easier to register a car that has had the body modified rather then a completely new vehicle. What i’m referring to here is building a car based around a modified FIERRO or a MR2.

I always recommend collecting lots of pictures and studying the car, since you will be working with a 3d model the job will be much easier. We have a video guide that shows you the process step by step how you can build your own car body from scratch.