Build A Kit Car


Building a kit car is more then just building a car, you get to build a unique sports car that has a personal touch. A real piece of art that has wheels. Most kit cars that are head turning sports machines take more then 5 years to build, and are worth every single pain staking hour.

The most important part of building your car is preparation and careful planing, this is what most enthusiasts forget to do. Make sure you have spoken to your local authorities and you understand the kit car rules and laws that apply in your country and local state. I have seen so  many builders waist time and money building a kit car that will never be registered on the road, very sad and it can be avoided if you make the time and plan correctly.

Once you understand what you can and can’t do then its much easier to plan you whole build. Make a plan of which car you want to build and which donor vehicle you will be using, also outline which parts you will be fabricating and which will be standard production line. If your going to buy an production line kit make sure that the company can assist you in your local area to get the car registered, always ask is there any kits in  my country or area that have been registered.

If you really want to be adventures why not design a totally unique car and fabricate your very own one of a kind kit car body. You can use the technique that car manufactures use check it out here.