Ford GT40 kit car build


Building a Ford GT40 kit car can be challenging at times if you don’t do your homework first. Most people can only dream of having a real one of these babies since they cost as much as $200,000.00 who’s got that kind of money floating around?

I always think that if you are going to build a kit car you want to plan your build in advance and make sure that you can do the things your planing on doing (check with your local authorities).

If you want the build to go a lot more smother then maybe consider buying a car that was once registered in your local state or city. By doing this you will know that the car complies with the local laws and you will not have any problems with registering it. Sometime you can find cars that have been sitting in the back yard for 20 years or longer, and you can get it for few hundred bucks.

There are kit car companies that sell the basic kits as well as rolling chassis or even turn key cars, but lets be honest here who has the money to buy these expensive toys? Every time I speak to anyone that has bought a kit in what ever stage, they always end up spending a lot more money they they planed to at the start.

Consider learning all the technical skills yourself its not that difficult and you will safe so much money in the long run. Every thing from mechanical work to fiberglassing. Consider your Ford GT40 kit car as always a work in progress. If you don’t like getting your hands dirty and working long hours then you shouldn’t  be building a kit car.

Most of the time it will be you who will be fixing the car. I’m only saying this as mechanical workshops charge by the hour and since your car will be a custom built one of there is no manual. The mechanic will need to spend hours just getting familiar with the car before he even starts to work on it.

Now on the other hand If you want to do something more meaningful and see your work in progress consider building the car from scratch. You can create the body using a fully detailed 3d model and create a full size one of Ford GT40 body.

Check out this system it has videos that shows you how to build the body and you also get the GT40 chassis plans for FREE.