GT40 kit car

The Ford GT40 kit car is by far becoming a car of choice by a lot of enthusiasts, but unfortunately most of us cant afford a mid-engine sports car. This classic GT40 comes with a really nice modern price tag. I have seen these babies for as much as $240k …now that’s a lot of money right???

If you are lucky enough you can sometimes find unfinished projects floating around on ebay, but who has the time to waist hoping one is going to magically appear one day.

I still haven’t worked out why these kit cars are so expensive after all they are no different then any other mid engine kit car. The doors on the GT40 are hinged just like a normal car and so is the weather seal around the doors.

After examining the GT40 body it looks very straight forward to replicate. Using the Kitcarplans system you quickly and inexpensively replicate the body and save tens of thousands of dollars. There is nothing more rewarding then building a car from scratch not only do you learn in the process but you can also put in more details and personal touch to every part of the car.

The best thing about building your own body is that you can utilize original glass and any other parts you can manage to find. There are so many manufacturers that are reproducing vintage car parts you just need to do a google search.

Kitcarplans System has videos that shows you how to build the body and you also get the GT40 chassis plans for FREE.